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Sick and barely passing

My Adult 3 class is one of the hardest at this university. I am currently passing, but I didn't do as well on the last test as I would have liked to. My final is this Monday, and the reason I didn't do so well on the last test was because I was sick. I am currently still fighting the illness, so I stayed home from orchestra tour this weekend on strong recommendation.

Mishaps @ Southern 2.2

I apologize for the rather lengthy hiatus between blog parts, especially considering I never finished the other one, but now I hope to fill you in on the rest of the things that took place so as to fully satisfy the even the most ardent curiosity.

Mishaps @ Southern 2.1

Yes, I know you are all thinking it's been a long time since my last blog, and I know how everybody misses the season "Mishaps in Spain," so hopefully this new season will also be enjoyed and edifying for the masses.

In all actuality, I must say that the majority of what I'm about to recall did not take place at or anywhere near Southern.

Update from the Philippines

This is another snippet from my Dad in the Philippines on a little bit of what's happening over there. Keep them in your prayers.

Rat Tales

This is part of an email that my Dad Kent George sent to me the other day. A little vocabulary for those of you who don't know Pelawan.




Mishaps @ Southern

It is Sabbath afternoon here at Southern Adventist University right now. I went on a backpacking trip today, I was going to leave yesterday, afternoon, but since I was going by myself, I didn't really have the umpph to do it, so I went to bed early and left this morning. Now it is late afternoon Saturday, and I'm back in my dorm room. I was a rather interesting experience for me.

Mishaps in Spain "The end"

Well folks, it has been quite a while since I wrote in MIS. Many things have happened most of which I will not attempt to recall. Christopher suggested to me that for my last MIS blog I should inform you all of how my DELE test went. Being true the the blog's name I didn't pass.

Mishaps in Spain XVIII

Wow people, the closing program is over. My speech went well and I must say that although you probablyh won't understand me you will enjoy laughing at me. That's right. Coming to theatres near you is my speech that I told everyone. I got it on video and am hoping to get it up on pretty soon.I haven't actuallyh seen the video myself, so I hope that I am not getting ahead of myself.

Mishaps in Spain no. 27

Happy Sabbath to everyone! The school year is coming to a close here in Sagunto, and so is everyone's umph to go to class. Of course, I still go to class, actually I just missed my first one yesterday on purpose. I was doing something else. They just payed a game though still I feel kind of guilty. Teachers are all realaxed now too after DELE and what not.

Mishaps in Spain no. 26

I'm back. Not the internet though, Still on my roommates computer. For those of you who still don't know I haven't had internet for the last two weeks or so. I figure I will start out with the DELE test. I was really nervous up until the day of the exam, but surprisingly the day of I wasn't that nervous. It really wasn't that bad either.

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