Refactoring is being refactored and upgraded. Some of the content on this site may not appear correctly.  If you have questions or concernes, please contact us here.

New Audio Functionality

Check out the new audio browsing system and let us know what you think of it.  We want our our music and other audio content to be easy and enjobale to browse and listen to.

Also available are the new audio rss feeds:

Music only ->

All Audio -> 


Creative emoticons

We've added emoticons" " to our editor, but I think they're cheesy.  Can we make our own "cool" emoticons?  Draw them on a paper, scan 'em, and submit them here.  If you need help, contact me directly.  I'll try my hand at it too.  Also, if you don't feel like

Server Maintenance

Folks, we've had some serious issues with the server.  After upgrading hardware, various software began going belly-up, so I've redone the whole thing.  If you notice any issues while browsing this site, please let me know ASAP.

E-mail fixed

For some time has had a problem with sending out e-mail.  This meant problems for new account notifications, user e-mail contact forms, etc.  That is fixed now.  If you've tried to sign up for an account at, and it failed for some reason or another, please try again.  If it continues to fail, please e-mail  Thanks!

Site changes (please read)

IMPORTANT:  Pleae read this entire post.

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