Site changes (please read)

IMPORTANT:  Pleae read this entire post.

Changes to forums

I am working diligently to improve this website, with special emphasis on taking away the appearance of being a political think tank.  As part of this effort, I have improved the appearance and use of the forums.  I encourage all users to take a look at the forums and offer feedback here.

New posts that are intended for community discussion should be placed in the forums.  I have taken the liberty to move some comments on particularly active blog posts to separate posts in the forums.  (I commented on these blogs and the associated forum topics to make clear what is happening.)  Please continue to post blogs and offer comments on blogs, but hot topics may be moved to the forums.

Changes to the front page

IMPORTANT: New forum topics and posts will no longer appear on the home page.  All forum related content (including recent topics and posts) will be accessible from the forum page which can currently be accessed using "forum" link at the top of every page.

Future changes to

I am currently on sabbatical and am focusing a great deal of energy on this website.  Additional changes to are in the works, but community feedback is needed.  A new discussion about what needs to be done has been started here.  Please, please, please share your ideas!

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