Mold My Heart


By Christopher George. Recorded at Paulington Studio.

  • Vocals - Christopher George
  • Guitar - Christopher George
  • Bass - Chrisotpher George (listen -- it's there)


Verse 1

Sometimes my heart aches for a song to sing
the words and tune I need to praise my King,
but just like a bird in the night has no song,
my pride molds my good intentions wrong.


Oh Lord, mold my heart after yours. ?x

Verse 2

And when Your people come to me and say,
"We like the way you're singing songs for us today,"
the old man of sin starts dancing deep with in.
God pull me out of this miry pit of sin!

Verse 3

Your servant says true wisdom starts by fearing You.
The world's crying out that Your word just ain't true!
It pulls on a T-shirt emblazoned with "No Fear,"
but looking underneath I can see people dying here