Sussex day 2

I'm sittin in my video class again.  the teacher is not as bad as I thought he was.  I just came back from getting my login form.  When I went to the tech room their computers were 24 in flatscreen monitors.  they were huge.  I like all my teachers pretty good. I took my history test this morning and got a 100% on it.  She gave us multiple choice questions with the answers as a study guide, and they were exactly the same as the test.  word for word.  there's no way you could fail those test.  But there was only two of us in the class who A it.  WOW!!  Bad news; my brother went and took his GED test last week and he ended up not passing.  he failed 2 out of 5 subjectsby just a hair.  It was his reading and writing skills.  But nobody in Sussex could pass it I'm sure.  The days seem so long at school.  then I POOPED when I get home. Tomorrow I have a half day and then I go home to an empty house.  Everyone will be in West VA for the funeral.  I'm still not sure if I'm going.  I really dont' want to miss school,  I have two quizzes  tomorrow.  It's really hard to stay a vegetarian here.  Even the beans have meat in them.  There's been times when I was just staving and ate meat anyway, but I get a bad stomach ache.  This teacher never stops talking in this class.  He's worse than his students.  It;'s weird how he just leaves and doesn't come back for awhhile too.  Well anyway.  love you all.  and keep me in your prayers.


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Jade says:

Hi rachel!  Sorry we haven't gotten to see you yet.  We will be at Yale church for the next two Sabbaths so maybe we will get to see you.

Just wanted you to know that we are having another baby!!  I think I'm about a month along, so the baby will be due in December. :)


We would love to have you and some of the other gals over soon.  If you get really hungry you can come and eat some of our food!


Love you!

Jade, Reed, Faith, and mystery baby

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adam says:

Know that there are two people in El Salvador who are thinking about you and praying for you.   I hope you continue to keep us updated.  It makes me think about of my time teaching at Strasburg.  Though I never gave a multiple choice test as a review for the same test!

We love you!

Adam and Crissy

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shanatoly says:

is something in the virginia water? congratulations

shannon and family

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willowblythe says:

Miss you, Rachel. Come to think about it...I miss Yale too. Thinking about you there makes me a bit jealous. Life is good here, but sometimes you just want to see old friends.

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