Steps to Christ - Faith and Acceptance


  • Written by Ellen G. White
  • Narrated by Cristina Williams
  • Recorded at Paulington Studio
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christopher says:

I just noticed that Crissy's avatar is appropriate for this project -- Steps to Christ.

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shanatoly says:

I felt so happy the day I found WETA 90.9 broadcasting from Washington D.C via the web. Finally NPR was available continuously. I have been a faithful listener during my work hours in the office since the discovery.

However, today I decided to see what was new on and finally listened to Steps to Christ chapter 6. This act led me to discover that, believe it or not, I am kinda tired of npr. What a refreshing change. The moment I clicked on "listen" a change of attitude took place. I felt refreshed, blessed and more connected with the God I claim to want to know and be connected with. It's a small but very important reminder - when we put heavenly things into our mind, our thoughts are more heaven bound.

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christopher says:

Glad you to hear you were blessed. This is a good reason to get the rest of Steps to Christ recorded!  Smile