Distant Reminders

The crimson drank in the deep blue in streaks and swirls.

Violet, kissing, melding and embracing the richness,

reached out in tentative strokes, caressing the horizon

Where earth and heaven united in their response to 

The Master Artist's love.

It was a sky that spoke of faded dreams,

Distant reminders and memories of a perfect world.

Heaven's painted portrait could be read,

Like old yellowed washed out photographs,

The edges curling back

Into the laughing smiling eyes that had a story once.

Peace on earth

And other such supposed fables

Breathed again that night,

As the sky remembered. 

~Kristen Hoover 





The stillness itself takes on texture,

depth and width, a velvety feel.

Wrap it round, sink, drowning

in its nap.

Fallen between the lines, you suffocate

amid the air,

the thoughts themselves...enemies.

They shout,

deafening the beat of heart's pitter pat, leaving only


and the presence of the Maker--

To inhale is to rest within His arms.

Until you realize,

stillness, itself, is submission.

You allow Him to quiet the noise,

to the beating of His will.

When prayer becomes the air you breathe

then, wrapped within his love,

you'll heal.

~Kristen Hoover





Love Unfluffed

Love unfluffed, not set to rhyme,

Not cast about, nor fleeting kind.

The type that will not be deterred,

Nor is it grasping to be heard.

The love that will not faint, nor whine,

But waits upon God's perfect time.

Love lays upon the altar bare,

A heart unclothed of self's own


It moves not, but for God's command,

The gentle nudging of His hand.

It is unhurried, undisturbed,

No anxious thoughts, nor careless word,

But rather silence golden still,

A heeding to God's revealed will.

Love that need not speak its mind,

That settles tranquil biding time

Love that does not seek its own,

But lays its object at God's throne.

~Kristen Hoover


londijoy's picture

londijoy says:

Beautiful!!  Thank you for sharing with us.


Leonda George

Palawan, Philippines

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