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Know to believe vs. knowing

It is said that if we "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ" we will be saved.  (Acts 16:31)  We seem to take this and similar declarations as an imperative to declare the fact to others; however, this may not be helpful.  It is not in knowing how salvation works but in actually trusting Jesus that we are saved.  Faith, belief, trust: these are not conceived by a comma

On winning

I win, not when my enemy loses, but when my enemy is won.

Second chance to get the OCP Christmas CD

Check out Our Community Place, and support them by buying their Christmas CD.  Ron and I recorded and mixed five of the 15 songs on this album  The money is for a good cause and the CD is great listen.

Our Christmas Present from OCP

Welfare before the Revolution

With the flight of the Huguenots a general decline settled upon France. ... Paris became one vast almshouse, and it is estimated that, at the breaking out of the Revolution, two hundred thousand paupers claimed charity from the hands of the king.  The Jesuits alone flourished in the decaying nation, and ruled with dreadful tyranny over churches and schools, the prisons and the galleys.

Faith in the Early Church

Reading Acts 12:1-19 I was struck by the fact that God brought about a miraculous answer to prayer while the church was earnestly praying; but, their faith couldn't have been all that strong, because they didn't believe it was possible that the man at the door could be Peter.  This story should be an encouragement to us.  Apparently taking the time to gather and pray is enough to unle

Her second week

Meriah could have probably gone home sooner, but because she was still on an IV antibiotic, Meriah spent another week in the hospital.

The healing

That first Friday night, we spent hours in prayer -- and the next day, Sabbath, brought new miracles.

A life that doctors called dead

Meriah's birth, trip to UVA, and fight for life.

Meriah update (September 1, 2pm)

Meriah was discharged from the UVA Medical Center around noon today.  Meriah is doing great!

The neurologist said that the last EEG was better than the first one, though it is not completely normal.  (The neurologist hadn't said this before.)  Meriah has a follow-up appointment with the neurologist in 2 months.

Meriah video (August 29)

Another diaper change, and lots of funny faces.  Enjoy!

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