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Isn't this What it is All About?

I came across this article on CNN just a few minutes ago.  I thought this was an exceptional use of the internet for helping people in need.    Maybe this is also the answer to keeping more government out of our lives.  What a great idea.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone, from Williamsburg (where we have a little bit of snow and a lot of rain).  May you all have a loving, joyous and happy Christmas with many blessings!

Sweet Forgiveness

Sometimes a song just kind of grabs you...and sometimes you are not even sure why.  It might be the melody, the instruments, or the lyrics.  And sometimes it may be only a portion of any of those that just strike a chord with you.  At least that is what happens to me.  I like a song titled Sweet Forgiveness for lots of reasons.  But here is the last verse....I am not dr


Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to everyone!

Founding Faith

I am reading a book, Founding Faith (How Our Founding Fathers Forged a Radical New Approach to Religious Liberty) by Steven Waldman.

Governance and the Marketplace

Here is another article I found interesting.  Written by someone with a libertarian bent. 

Steve Kangas

I recently discovered a website by Steve Kangas.  I knew nothing about him but read a few of his posts and thought he made a lot of sense.  I have sense printed out several of his posts for leisurely reading later.  These articles I believe were written about 1999 (not sure).  Steve Kangas has several web articles about the CIA and its involvement in many events (he actually

What is meaning of anti-state?

If statism is as described below what exactly do you mean when using the term anti-state?  It sounds more like you mean anarchism rather than the opposite of statism.  Below is from

Begin quote:

What's the opposite of Statism?

I love this quote from Barry Goldwater

Here are two articles from the Women's International Perspective (WIP) webpage

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