Sacred Circle

Words, music, vocals and guitar by Shannon Urum. Recorded and mixed at Paulington Studio by Adam Williams and Christopher George.

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rww says:

Shannon, I just switched from dialup to broadband internet and one of the first things I did was browse some of the audio on NLD, as I was unable to do this before with my slow dialup. I clicked on your song Sacred Circle and was, well, blown away. Man, what a great song and what a fantastic voice.

It is one of my favorites. Thank you recording and posting it.

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sundawillison says:

Shannon! I still love this song. It is so beautiful and now I can listen to it whenever I want.


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salaam says:

Hey Shannon, just because I'm out of the country doesn't mean I'm not your favorite fan anymore. I'm still listening! And I really would like to hear more. In fact, my Yemeni friends would like to hear more too. When I play it for them, they say things like, "Mashallah!" ("Oh my God" a good way.) followed by, "Is she really your friend?" :) Actually, I should mention that traditionally Yemeni's feel that any vocal music that is not sung about Allah is forbidden. So when they come by, listen to your stuff, then ask me if I'll permit them to smuggle a copy of the song on their flash drive for later listening, I'm impressed. It's fun to explain these songs to them. Sermon in song.

The only complaint I have is that when I look at the audio song list, I see:

Shannon Urum (1)

Certainly that can be remedied?

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Rich says:

Thanks for the excellent song.  It doesn't get any better than Biblically and asthetically sound.

Praise God but more of the same please!


Rich and Cathy

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NoBlesseOblige says:

Just heard Sacred Cirlce for the FIRST TIME this weekend while I was at Christopher and Somer's house. HOW did I miss before? What an awesome song! It really yanked on my heart. Thanks for sharing. You have amazing talent, God-blessed.