Interview with Christina George - Jan 26, 2008

My sister, Christina, travelled to visit our parents, Kent and Leonda George who are working to better the lives of the Pelewano people in Kementian, Palawan, Philippines.  This is an interview I did with her after her trip.

Needs -- not necessarily spoken, but observed:

  • Washing machine
  • $4000 for clinic
  • Money for patients (This is for the people, while the previous is for the bulding)
  • Motorcycle
  • Truck
  • Lowland base - property
  • Scholarshiops for summer workers
  • Medicines

If you are feel like you could help in any of these areas, please PM me and I'll get you in touch with my folks.


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christopher says:

All of you who may have been interested in the list of needs that Christina observed on her trip to the Phillippines -- the list is here!  I edited the origonal post.

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marti says:

Great interview!!  Everyone should listen and share in the experience of visiting Palawan!  It brought back vivid pictures and wonderful memories for me!   It makes me wonder ...  what could we (those of us in the USA) do to have the same drive and commitment to share Christ with others?

Blessings to the Georges in Palawan!


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tgeorge says:

Wow, very interesting.Can't wait to get back there myself and get a ride in that helicopter. Just a little side note, Brian Glass who is also a member here and is going to be goin to our project this coming school year as an SM, I need to encourage him to start posting here and he could keep us updated on things once he gets there.