Precinct calling

I suppose folks know I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Ron Paul, and would be delighted to see him serve as president of this country... but did you know I volunteered to help in the campaign?  Six months ago, had I been told I'd be working for republican presidential campaign, I would've laughed... but here I am.

Virginia primary is tomorrow.  I've been very busy, and haven't spent all that much time doing my "precinct leader" duties, but I put several hours of cold calling in.  It's been an interesting experience.  Lots of bad numbers.  Lots folks not home.  Just two busy numbers.  Only one person hung up on me -- I was surprised; I expected more.  Most people listned briefly and then expressed their disinterest.  Way more folks than I would have expected still haven't decided who they're voting for.  Of those that I spoke to long enough to ask, I'd say well over 50% were undecided.  A good number were mildly interested, and several were excited.

I had on lady who stopped me short saying she was voting democrat.  I interejected Ron Paul's stance on the war in Iraq, which caught her attention.  She then admitted she was really independant, and wanted to know more about RP.  She told me her view on immigration, taxation, jobs, economy, war, etc.  It was so cool because every thing she said was what RP says.  As I agreed with her and affirmed to her RP's position, she became more and more excited.  We probably talked for a good 15 minutes.  Then, as our conversation was drawing to a close she said, "well, I'm gonna vote for Hillary.  Men have had 200 years to run this country, and look what they've done.  It's time we give a woman a chance."

You never do know what you'll find on the other end of the line... but the cool part is that they're all people -- different kinds of people.