The last few days have been very warm.

I went to work Monday morning, but decided to work from home in the afternoon since most everyone was gone for memorial day. I'm not sure that was a practical decision. My car was at least 120° inside when I pulled out, and it didn't seem much cooler by time I got home. (I don't have air conditioning in my car.)

At any rate, I was very hot and uncomfortable when I arrived home, and things weren't much better at the house. Our thermometer on the wall indicated 89°, but the tick marks don't go any higher than that. I suspect that it can't go any higher.

My poor wife and son had been putting up with the heat all day. (Did I mention that we don't have air conditioning at home either?)

That evening, as the temperature dropped outside, we opened all the windows and doors, and turned on the fan, but it wasn't until 9pm that the temperature finally dropped to a much more comfortable 80°.

Tuesday was another hot day -- even hotter. When I came home that evening, it was noticeably hotter than it had been the day before. The thermometer was still pegged at 89°. By 10pm it had cooled to 87°.

Isaiah was tired and fussy but was so uncomfortable that he couldn't sleep. We finally laid him down in the back room with a fan blowing directly on him. This did the trick; he was out in a jiffy. Somer and I decided to sleep on the floor with him so we could all benefit from the fan.

This morning the thermostat says 75°. I hope that's not a sign of how much hotter it will be today.

Good old Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego survived the heat; by God's grace we can too. And just think, if they'd had my thermometer in there with them, it would have read 89°.

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Come for a swim in Maguires' pool. Free. All welcome! It will freeze your socks off!

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