Catching up.

I am in the army now and learing how to drive trucks. I finished Basic Training april 16th and will finish my job training june 5th. Not sure where I'll be stationed yet but I will be posting and reading to keep in touch over the distance. Basic was an interesting expierence. I have a journal of my time in basic that I will probably post on my facebook or myspace account. A lot of little insights have been coming my way because of the wonderful mandatory meditation time(time spent standing arounding). In formations we are not supposed to talk so you have a lot of time to think. To watch birds fly. To appreciate sunrises and sunsets. To wonder about the people standing around you. Who are they? What are their stories? How does God see them? The connections made and relationships built during Basic stretched me. I had to change some ways of thinking. There were people who I really wanted to reach out to and some who I was supprised to find reaching out to help me. A few were willing to talk about some of the deeper things but not many. Any way. I just finished reading Sacred Romance and want to read it again because I know I missed stuff. Well its 9:57 and lights out is 10:00 so I will add to this later. God IS love! (My favorite profound thought at the moment.)

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christopher says:

Great to have you back on the radar!  Please do keep us appraised of your happenings.

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adam says:

Good to hear from you.  I sent you an email with some pictures of your girls, let me know if you don't get it.  I'm not sure if I have your most current address.

Hope to see you around soon!

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MamaLinda says:

   I'm just as new at this as you are Jesse.  Just wanted to let you know that I was happy for your update.  Hope to see another one soon.  It was really great to see you at CampMeeting this summer.  Jerry and I are keeping you in our prayers.




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