Joy Comes in the Morning

 I just want to say thank you to everyone who is praying for our precious little girl.  We have been humbled and overwhelmed by the number of people who have been impacted and touched by our experience.  Hearing of all the tears shed in our behalf and all the prayers prayed for Meriah makes me feel so  blessed.   We have certianly witnessed a miracle first hand.  It is hard to believe that only a week ago we didn't know if our baby would live, and now you would never know from looking at her the traumatic begining that she has experienced. 

I remember last Saturday morning I woke up after a late night of prayer with Christopher and Reed with a scripture song in my head. "Weeping may endure for the night, joy comes in the morning."  That morning was the turning point in Meriah's condition. 

While being here we have gotten to know many people going through the same type of trauma that we have experienced.  Please pray for a little girl named Reily.  She has had heart surgery and is just 1 month old.  She is now having to learn how to suck and swallow again so she can breastfeed.  Pray that God would help her with this so she can go home with her family soon. 

We appreciate your continued prayers for our family.  We know we are in God's hands.  Thank you agian for all your love and support. You are all amazing.  God is more amazing. 

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LookingUp says:

Williams Family,

We have been working with Ian to help him learn how to pray.  We have encouraged him to really think about what he is saying and come up with several thoughts that he can share with God while he prays. 

Last night in our family worship Ian's prayer went like this, "Dear God please be with baby Meriah! Amen."  For one of those rare times his single thought prayer said so much more then just the few words spoken.  We could tell in his voice that he truly meant what he had just prayed.  The feeling of deeply being concerned and really wanting God to be in total control of Meriah's little life was all Ian wanted to pray for last night, and we loved his prayer! 

Our whole family agrees with Ian!  Each one of us have been praying for you, that God may be glorified and that Meriah along with the two of you might be sustained.



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babs says:

  We're adding Reily to our prayers... and her family as well as the doctors and nurses taking care of her.

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Adam,  So good to hear from Meriah's Daddy!!!  Know that your family is in our thoughts and prayers always!!  We can't wait until Meriah comes home and makes her visit to church!!!  We are praying for Reily it is amazing that doctors and nurses can do open heart surgery on such a tiny little heart.  Our God is awesome.    Take Care With Love Rick and Mary

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Janet says:

This entire journey has truely increased my faith --I've always believed in the power prayer but to see it in action so closely is so amazing!  May we all continue to keep our hands in God's and let Him lead us.  Adam & Crissy --may your new family continue to receive more blessings beyond your imagination!  You both have traveled a very rough road lately but you have not been alone--when we can't go any further that's when God picks us up & carries us in His strong & loving arms.......See you all soon! You all remain in our prayers.  God bless...Ron & Janet 

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Jan says:

Just wanted you to know we love you all, and continue to pray.  We will also add baby Reily to our prayers!


Jan (and Bill)


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