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So I am currently a little over half way through my stay in Nicaragua.  The people here are wonderful.  It is beautiful, but there is such a startling need.  I love the church that I am working with.  They are passionate about Jesus.  Last night I spoke on baptism and eight people who were there are going to get baptized.  But in case you think it has anything to do with me, all eight had already made decisions.  One of the members said that eight would be a record...but the truth is that it is only harvesting what I have not sown.  The church is wonderful.  They have taken me in and with open arms loved and supported me.  The young people are teaching me Spanish.  We have great fun after the meetings laughing at my pronounciation and my overall inability to remember words.  LOL!  There is such need here.  In some ways you might call it poverty... In other ways it is just a different world.  Electricity is something that is sketchy.  I have internet at the hotel but the lights go out on almost a daily basis.  Running water comes and goes daily.  The  lightning storms are amazing.  The horses are mostly bags of bones.  The fields are planted with crops to export and they do not have enough grass for their livestock unless it be for food.  It is beautiful and yet sad.  There are a couple of volcanos that line our valley.  The clouds love to drap themselves over their peaks.  I miss home but I truly love it here.  God bless all... I am praying for you please keep me and the ten others who are here in your prayers.... All of our stomaches are unhappy except for two. 

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christopher says:

Hey, sounds like a pretty cool trip.  Are you short-term or out for a year, or what?  Also, are there specific needs that folks here could help meet?

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endlessly4christ says:

I was there with a Share Him program.  It was only ten days.  Yes there are needs there.  But since I have been back I have not been able to figure out how to go about meeting them.  The church had/has an air conditioning unit but they cannot use it until they get the roof fixed.  I have not been successful in contacting them.  So right now they are in my prayers. 

a fellow soldier of the cross,

Kristen Hoover

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