a poem

My daughter.

the child that came to me

as a gift

as a burden

not of my flesh

but of my heart


I labored

not from my body

but from my soul

to bring life

to your wounded heart


Comforting, holding,

listening, praying

laughing, crying

years upon years

upon years ...


And now you are gone.

free from this cage

of love and protection

that stifled your need

to live life on the edge.


You say you'll be back

And your voice sounds so certain

that reason cannot pierce

the walls you erected

to keep out the truth.



Asking everyone out there for your prayers...

londijoy's picture

londijoy says:

But I'm crying with you.  Been specifically praying for you all the last two weeks, though I don't know the details, and hadn't read your poem yet.  May God sustain you.  May  the daughter of your heart hear God's beckoning.  Leonda George

Palawan, Philippines

NoBlesseOblige's picture

NoBlesseOblige says:

Praying for you and yours Somer.

somertyme's picture

somertyme says:

Things have gotten even worse than we thought. Please continue to pray.  

bzealous's picture

bzealous says:

I meant to tell you today at church, but I've been praying for you all regarding this. I can't even begin to imagine your heartbreak. She will not forget what you have taught her; she will not lose what you've given her. I thank God that you were able to be such an intimate part of her life as long as you were...but now, we pray.


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