Meriah update (Friday, 12pm)

Just called Somer for the latest:

They've talked to the doctors who are still not very optimistic.  Meriah is not warming as quickly as they hoped she would.  Earlier today she wasn't breathing on her own, but since then she's been breathing about a third of the time.

There is still quite a bit of concern.  The neurologist came by and shined a light in her eyes and rang a bell by her ear, but she was not very responsive.  In the last hour, after the neurologist came in, her breathing has increased.

Earlier today Judy, Crissy's mom, touched her leg and she kicked in response, but now she's hardly responding at all.

When Meriah gets warm, Crissy will be able to hold her.  Right now her body temperature is at 93 degrees.  They have to warm her up more before she can be held because they don't want her to warm up too quickly.

Meriah hadn't been peeing, so Adam told her to pee, and she did.  Later he told her to breathe and regulate, and soon after the nurse came and said she was.

Watching her is a minute by minute roller-coaster of ups and downs.

Even if baby Meriah can breathe on her own, she could still have other severe brain damage.  Inability to breathe properly would indicate damage to the brain stem.

Doctors are slowly taking Meriah of her medications.