Palawan Adventist Construction Team

In late August, a team of construction workers and mission enthusiasts are joining together for a 2-week adventure to Palawan, Philippines to complete the building of a much-needed medical clinic to assist AFM missionaries Kent & Leonda George.  Positions are open for hard-working, mission-minded individuals to join the team.  Previous experience in constructio

Philippine Mission Trip

NOTE:  This is a post from a Sabbath school class at New Market Church.  Obviously a recruiting letter.  This seemed like "a creative way to share the gospel" so thought I'd post here.  :)

Common feats of everyday life

1) Paring my fingernails on a 5-mile run

2) Flossing my teeth while driving the car

3) Convincing ER staff to vote for Ron Paul

4) Helping Pinocchio make wise choices

5) Doing a nailbed repair on a screaming, thrashing 4-year-old

6) Letting the guy know that no, I'm not/shouldn't be interested, but yes, still want to be friends

"Days are filled with sorrow & care...." And a lot of study

Pouring over tremendously engaging outlines on infectious esophagitis and fat textbooks explaining the ins and outs of antipsychotic drugs & their possible side effects, I can just feel myself being so incredibly uplifted by all this wonderful new information that I'm cramming into my head in hopes of passing my boards the first time around. Nearly $500 isn't something you want to pay twice (or three or four times) just 'cause your not smart enough yet.

In between the amazingly engaging dates with my textbooks & flash cards, I fit in the bread and butter of my life: washing week-old dishes, taking out my trash, taking a plunge in the pool, hammering out the first page of Rachmaninaff's piano Prelude yet again, a 40-minute nap on the carpet with my alarm clock at my ear, Sugar Creek park for my 3 mile run, check my email, take a shower. I've given up the shopping approach to breaks; it inevitably gets me way too distracted & poorer than I was the day before. And if I don't pass my boards the first time ('cause I spent all my time clothes grazing at Kohls) I wouldn't have the money to take the exams again anyway - a real double edged sword.

Pixure appeal

How do you get pictures up on your blogs & stuff?

Uh, Hi! It's me....

Hello, this is Christina.  I've never ever done anything like this before so please forgive me if I mess up, but THIS IS COOL!