Gail update 9/26

Gail will be flying to Chicago on Tuesday. They will do testing on Wednesday and possible surgery on Thursday. Please pray that she will be able to have her 4 year old daughter with her as much as possible. Pray for healing and for peace.

New Meriah Pictures & Video

Urgent Prayer Needed!

I am writing here to request prayer for a very close friend of mine, Gail Romeo, who just found out that she has cancer in her chest cavity. She is a breast cancer survivor, but recently became concerned that the cancer may have returned. This was confirmed early this week and the doctors say it doesn't look good.

EEG Today

Meriah is going for a followup EEG today. We are praying that it will look good and that they will recommend weaning her off of her meds.  Please join  us in praying for this.  We probably won't know the results for a little while.

New Pictures

Here are a few new photos of our little one.

You can see the whole album here:


Mysterious Ways

A couple of weeks ago, when we were at UVA and still uncertain about what was going to happen to our little girl, Christopher mentioned to me that he had read a recent blog that I had posted. It was all about how God had been leading us and providing what we need just when we needed it.

Meriah Photo Album

These pictures trace our journey from the begining until today.  Seeing the original pictures from the hospital compared to how she is doing now is simply amazing.  It is amazing how quickly God has worked.

Meriah update (September 1, 2pm)

Meriah was discharged from the UVA Medical Center around noon today.  Meriah is doing great!

The neurologist said that the last EEG was better than the first one, though it is not completely normal.  (The neurologist hadn't said this before.)  Meriah has a follow-up appointment with the neurologist in 2 months.

Meriah photos (August 29)

These are the photos from our visit on the 29th, that I said I would post several days ago.  These are the last of my photos of Meriah in the hospital.  I'll post a status update soon!

My dream about Meriah

The night Crissy was in labor I couldn't sleep. I was restless and woke every hour praying fervently. I had a sense of anxiety and concern that I couldn't explain. I dreamed several dreams about both Crissy and Meriah, but when I woke up I could only remember one of them.

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