Burning beyond

There are times when a man falls prey to the notion of peace: when eternity appears far grander than tomorrow's victory. But there are no lacking reminders to the import of domination, though never are they invigorated with true founded substance; it is the sheer weight of persistence, of insistence, that never loses – or, at least, never admits a loss.

A Prophetic Rant?

I found this entry in my devotional journal. It is dated August 16, two days before labor.

Lessons from Thanksgiving

We no longer live in an agrarian society, and in some ways this has disconected us from the laws that govern nature and life. In nature, things take time to grow, change, and develop. A tree can take decades to reach its full height, it takes a person several decades of life before they can become a biological grandparent.

Update on Jilin

We're making progress!!  This past Thursday and Friday Jilin and I spent four to five hours each day sitting and waiting and processing through the medical examination mandatory to sitting for a visa interview.  She received five immunizations in one day!!  She's shot up: two in each arm and one in a thigh.  I'm concerned because they wouldn't let me ask very many questions,

Meriah Multimedia

Here are some recent videos and pictures of Meriah.  She is growing fast!  Enjoy.

Checkup Appointment and New Pictures. . .

Meriah had a checkup with Neurology at UVA this past Monday.  The EEG that she had showed that she did not have any seizures, but there was still some "irritability" observed.  They deci

Gail update 10/3

Gail's surgery went well on Thursday. She is recovering quickly and I found out today that she is coming home tonight! Thank you all for the prayers!

Gail update 9/30 --Good News!

God is good! Gail had tests done today and the doctors have said that it is not as bad as they had originally thought. The cancer is in her chest wall, but not as deep as they had feared.  They said it has been lying dormant from when she had cancer before, but it has not spread. She will have surgery tomorrow at 10:30am, and it should be fairly straighforward.

Gail update 9/29

Gail is flying to Chicago today. She will have her MRI tomorrow morning at 11:00AM. Please pray hard at that time. They went ahead and scheduled her surgery for 10:00am on Thursday. We are praying that they are able to get out all of the cancer with this surgery.  Please take a few moments to pray throughout the day for Gail. She is craving everyone's prayers for healing and for strength.


It all starts here, really, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” This isn’t mythological or allegorical to me; it’s raw truth. He gave and we partook…we are still partaking, for that matter.

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