Meriah update (Sunday, 1:30pm)

Adam and Crissy's parents are now with baby Meriah.  Crissy has left to get some nourishment and some rest.

Baby Meriah has been opening her eyes a lot more, and has had some very regular newborn sounding cries.  Somer and Barb were in with her earlier, and they felt like Meriah was turning her head towards their voices when they talked.

Photos of Meriah opening her eyes!

Meriah update (Sunday, 11:45am)

Adam came out to go get some food.  He said Meriah has been sleeping since they started doing doing skin-to-skin, but that her little shivers have continued, though he thinks they have subsided somewhat.  These shivers are not normal newborn activity.  Adam wants Meriah to be held as much as possible.  The medical staff want to wait a bit longer before Crissy tries to nurse

Meriah update (Sunday, 10:30am)

Meriah -- off the EEG

I just stepped in for a quick visit.  Adam is holding Meriah.  She does little scrunchy faces.  He said she had her yes wide open, and looked at his eyes.

Meriah update and video (Saturday, 11pm)

Somer just came back from visiting Adam and Baby Meriah, who continues to amaze us.  She is much more active now, moving her arms and legs a little bit totally on her own.  She tries to lift her head a little bit.  She makes quite a few little crying sounds.  Somer said it seems like her body movements are a bit more normal -- clearly not only reflexes.

Meriah update (Sabbath, 4pm)

Meriah continues to breathe on her own.  She is currently in a deep sleep, which is not a bad thing.  Before she dozed off, there were a number of encouraging signs.  She has moved her arms and her head some.  She opened her eyes again, though just a squint.

I have been told that Meriah is actually still somewhat sedated with dopamine.

Meriah update (Sabbath, 1pm)

Meriah continues to breathe on her own.  I was in with Crissy and Adam when the nurse transfered baby Meriah onto Adam's bare chest -- skin-to-skin time!  Meriah has a lot of mouth movement.  She looks like she's trying to nurse.  These mouth movements sometimes come without her being touched.  As she settled onto Adam's chest, she opened her eyes for the first time.&nb

Meriah update (Sabbath, 12:15pm)

Baby Meriah is off the ventilator and is breathing on her own.  Adam said she took advantage of her new freedom and stuck her tongue out.  The next few hours will be particularly critical.  Continue to pray that her breathing continues, and also that her brain functionality continues to be healed.

Praise God!

Taking Meriah off the ventilator (Sabbath, 12pm)

Adam and Crissy have made the decision to take Meriah off the ventilator.  They will not put her back on if she stops breathing on her own.  Her breathing still looks good.  Continue to pray.

Baby Meriah Gale

Some recent photos of Meriah.

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