Four Weeks for

Today, is four weeks old -- just an infant. To date, we have 19 users and 83 contributions. This may not seem like much, but consider: more users means more content, more content means more attraction, more attraction means more users... It is a snowball affect that we can expect to see because our community is growing exponentially.

Initial growth rates may be greater than long term growth rates, so let's assume a linear increase in our user base; eventually, even a slow exponential growth will reach the linear projection. So where will we be at the end of one year? The numbers say we'll have 247 users and 6474 posts!

History of Paulington Studio

In the Beginning

In the middle of 2003, Adam Williams, Christy Barko, and Somer George travelled to Michigan for a several day recording Marathon with Clint Hooker. Clint had something of a project studio set up in an old ball closet off of the gym at an elementary school in Troy, Michigan. Here, in this hole-in-the-wall, the group recorded their songs.

Somer rememebers:

Paulington Studio Fixed and Improved

Paulington Studio functional again with a repaired monitor system and computer upgrades. The main amplifier board in one of the monitors was replaced to clear up a nearly four month problem that rendered the monitoring system useless.

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