Meriah update (August 26, 12pm)

Adam called with an update.  Meriah has been moved to the other side of the NICU where the less critical babies are.  This is a good sign, though Adam and Crissy (and perhaps Meriah) had become a bit attached to their nurses.

They are going to let Meriah start ad-lib feeding, that is, feeding on demand.

Meriah photos and update (August 25, 9pm)

This evening's update came before we visited Meriah in the hospital.  What a change in the last several days!  When I entered the NICU, I found Meriah swaddled and sleeping soundly.  At around 9pm, Adam began to talk to her and stroke her back.  After a diaper change (expertly executed by her father), Meriah was fully awake.  She looked around, cooed, moved her arms and

Meriah update (August 25, 7:30pm)

We have arrived at UVA and are visiting with Adam and Crissy.

Meriah update (August 25, 2pm)

Brief update from Adam:

Still no results on the MRI.  Meriah's oxygen tube has been removed, which means there are no more tubes on hear face.  (We'll try to get some new photos this evening.)  Meriah is now nursing every three hours.

Happy birthday Meriah!

Happy birthday Meriah!  She is one week old!  Comment to share your well-wishes!  I will carry them with us to the hospital this evening.

Meriah update (August 25, 10:30am)

They did do the MRI last night, but we are waiting on the neurologist's report to know what the results are.  The nurse said she thought it went well, but we really don't know yet.  They had to sedate Meriah to do the MRI.  Later they tried nursing her, but she's still very sedated.

Meriah update (Monday, 6pm)

Jade, who has been visiting the new Williams family today, just called Somer with an update.

Meriah update (Monday, 10:30am)

Somer just spoke with Crissy.  Here's the latest:

Meriah update (Sunday, 9:15pm)

Good news!  Meriah can digest.  They gave her some breastmilk via her feeding tube, and when they checked this evening, it was nearly gone.  They are going to give her some more breastmilk via her feeding tube.  The fact that she can digest is a good step.

Video: Meriah cries and looks around

I entered the NICU to the sound of a baby crying.  As I neared Meriah's area, I realized it was her; she was uncomfortable.  I got out my camera just in time to catch the tail end of her crying.  She wanted to be swaddled and settled down when she was comfortable.

Notice her squint when the bright light shines in her eyes near the end of the video

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