highschool is tough

today was a very depressing day for me. I found out that a good friend of mine is heavy into drugs. I wasn't really sure what to do. because the last time I told the administration about someone, nobody took it serious. my friend is really depressed cause his best drug buddy got caught and now is expelled. I wanted to help him. it made me hurt so bad when I saq him agaist the wall with tears streaming down his face. I endend up telling someone anyway. I feel like nobody hears me whrn I try to help them. all I know is that I can pray for them. But sometimes that just doesn't seem enough.

Sick Baby

I hate it when my little boy is sick. I wish he could tell me what hurts and why he cries. But instead I just guess and do my best to comfort him. I wish I could make it all better or suffer in his place. He looks so sad and so pitiful, and I know he doesn't understand why he feels this way. Yet even when his forehead is hot with fever he still has a grin or a squeal, especially when he hears his papa's voice or spots the guitar lying on the carpet.

It's been a long day. Partly because we had long, almost sleepless night. Isaiah was warm and restless. He wanted to be in my arms and nursing most of the night and most of the day.

Man Spotted Collecting Bear Scat on AT

A man was spotted on Thursday collecting bear scat on along the appalachian trail. He carried a large black trashbag apparently strapped to his forehead. More details to come.

Man Collecting Bear Scat

Drupal Education

I have an opportunity to implement Drupal> at work. This will be mutually beneficial as what I learn working on one will help me when working on the other. Perhaps the most amazing thing I have discovered about Drupal so far is how fantastically simple it is. It is 

  • well organized
  • well documented
  • thuroughly abstract
  • very usable

and I am sure there are many other positives that I will be discovering.

Today I worked my way through a tutorial to create a basic block -- a block is one of those things on the right or left of the screen that has something handy in it. I was amazed at how logical and straight forward it was. Perhaps this is because of my last CMS experience. That experience was with Mambo and I was very new to web developement. I dont' have a great deal of experience yet, but Drupal is making me feel like I do. I hope it really is as easy as it seems when I get to actually creating the code to handle music and other forms of artistic expression that will form the outer core of what NLD is all about.


Spent a fair bit of time fixing up the site today. Joe gav e me some pointers that got me fiddling with podcasting. It was exciting to discover that the way I submited the Press On song was adequate for a podcasting RSS feed. I tested it out with Juice -- a podcast receiver. This is the first time I've ever tried such a thing.

I also looked at some extension modules for Drupal. We may be closer to having a site that does what we want than I thought. There are a number of modules available for handling various media content as well as audio content. I'll be experimenting with that.

quality time with Bubs

today i got to put bubs to sleep which i never get to do anymore. he slept peacefully for quite awhile. it made my day. those are thr best moments,when you can hold them and watch them sleep.

Media Content

It wil take some time to find the best way to allow for posting media content. For the time being, media can be attached to other content, i.e. blog entries or stories. This story has a song attached as an example of how this might work.

The name of the song is Press On. It was written by Adam Williams and was recorded at Paulington Studio.

A Home for

I was inspired by's new website powered by Drupal. I have been planning the website for quite some time; work has progressed slowly. Before finding Drupal, I was planning on writing the whole engine myself -- I had already designed the database schema. But Drupal looks very promising. It appears to be very carefully designed, and the desing structure lends itself well to the goals of the NLD site.

I'm excited to learn more about how Drupal works, and to find tune it for NLD. But in the meantime, it is exciting that a web presence that provides for c

Paulington Studio Fixed and Improved

Paulington Studio functional again with a repaired monitor system and computer upgrades. The main amplifier board in one of the monitors was replaced to clear up a nearly four month problem that rendered the monitoring system useless.

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